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Scientific events

July 7-11th 8th Congress of European Microbiologists, Glasgow scotland -

Sept 3-4th Workshop Single Cell analyses (Scenion, Cellenion), Lyon (France)

November 5-8th, IXe Colloque de l'Association Francophone d'Ecologie Microbienne, Bussang (France) -

Oct 22nd-25th, International Conference on Ecological Sciences, Rennes -

June 14th-15th 2018, Journées Condorcet 2018 'Etude du microbiote associé aux plantes et son implication en agroécologie' -

June 1st 2018, 'Systems ecology : which advances towards ecosystems understanding ?' -

Jan 15th-19th, JCC2018 Aussois (France) -

Nov 9th-10th Réunion annuelle du réseau PhytoMic (ex Phytobiome)

Noc 6th-8th Interdisciplinary Workshop on Holobionts -

Oct 17th-20th Microbiomes: des environnements naturels à l'homme

Sept 13rd-15th Colloque Génomique Environnementale

Aug 20th-25th ESEB, symposium Coevolution of hosts and their microbiome

Apr 19th-21st International conference on Holobionts

22nd-25th Aug European Society for Evolutionary Biology (ESEB XVI congress)

Feb 20th-21st VISCEA meeting: Plant nutrition growth & environment interactions

Colloque génomique environnementale

Jacques Monod Conferences : Integrative ecological genomics
15th-19th Oct 2011 (link)

Peoples from the lab

Marie Chevallier has been enrolled within a private company (since Oct 2018)

Alix Mas has defended her PhD (Nov 23rd 2017) and has been enrolled within a private company (since Sept 2018).

Beatriz Andreo-Jimenez has defended her PhD (Oct 20th 2017) and has joined the University of Wageningen as post-doctoral research scientist.

Nathan Vannier has defended his PhD (Oct 23rd 2017) and has joined the Max Planck Institute in Koln as post-doctoral research scientist (Feb 2018).

Amandine Lê Van has a permanent position in ‘Vilmaurin’ company (Sept 2017)

Marie Duhamel has currently a post-doc position in Leiden (NL).

Elodie Maluenda has a now a permanent position (Switzerland) (May 2017).

Cecile has a full researcher CNRS position (Oct 2013).

Anne-Kristel has a lecturer position at the University of Lyon 1 (sept 2013).