Plant-microbiota, evolution and ecology

Microorganisms constitute by far the major diversity reservoir on earth and are often referred as the biological 'black matter'. Considering the huge species richness and diversity of microorganisms, different key current fundamental issues can be underlined as (i) the dynamics and temporal changes of the microbial communities (ii) the function displayed (iiii) the rules of assembly (iv) the evolution of dependencies…

Sustainable interactions among (micro)organisms are resulting from evolutionary processes. Among these interactions, symbiosis has many forms and includes relationships ranging from cooperation to parasitism. Symbioses interactions are widespread in the biosphere and are major components of macro- and micro-evolution processes because of their impact on both individual and population fitness. As a consequence, these interactions also impact the higher hierarchical ecological levels (i.e. communities and ecosystems).

My current research is focusing on the plant microbiota. We (my group) are studying the evolution of plant symbioses and develop a new understanding of the plant holobiont. Our fundamental researches have potentially a huge applied impact especially considering plant breeding and crop production.

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