Philippe Vandenkoornhuyse, Professor, PhD in Molecular Ecology and Evolutionary Ecology

Key words : symbiosis evolution, plant microbiome, agriculture, agro-ecology, microorganisms diversity and functions, fungi, environmental genomics, modelling.

Université de Rennes I,
Campus de Beaulieu
35042 Rennes
+(33) -2 23 23 50 07
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Lab members

Solene Mauger PhD (started in Jan 2020) Qicheng Xu
Qicheng Xu Visiting PhD Qicheng Xu
Dr Ning Ling Visiting Research Scientist Ning Ling
Marine Biget PhD (started June 2018) Marine Biget
Claire Ricono PhD (started Oct 2018) Claire Ricono
Victor Mataigne PhD (started Oct 2018) Victor Mataigne

Former lab members

Valentin Gaudu MSc in 2017-2018 Valentin Gaudu
Claire Ricono MSc in 2017-2018  
Marie Chevallier Research engineer (2016-2018) Marie Chevallier
Dan Revillini PhD at Northern Arizona University in Nov 2018 (former visiting PhD)  
Alix Mas PhD in Nov 2017 Alix Mas
Nathan Vannier PhD in Oct 2017 Nathan Vannier
Beatriz Andreo Jimenez PhD in Oct 2017  
Victoria Potdevin MSc in 2016/2017 Victoria Potdevin
Philomène Brunellière MSc in 2016/2017 Philomène Brunellière
Amandine Le Van Post doctoral research scientist Amandine Le Van
Marie Duhamel Post doctoral research scientist Marie Duhamel
Alix Mas Master's student (2014)  
Nathan Vannier Master's student (2014)  
Pauline Desfonds Master's student (2014)  
Anne Kristel Bittebière Post doctoral research scientist  
Marie Duhamel MSc & PhD (in 2013) and Post doctoral research scientist (2014)  
Elodie Maluenda Master's student (2013)  
Stéphane Mahé PhD (in 2012)  
Flavia Nunes Post doctoral research scientist  
Adrien Brun Master's student  
Thomas Le Calvez PhD  
Julia Huet Master's student  
Aurélie Nicolas Master's student  
Laurence Bourcereau Master's student  
Emilie Chancerel Research engineer  
Cécile Monard PhD  
Nolwenn Bougon MSc & PhD