1-Symbiosis evolution :
How did cooperation behavior evolve ? What rules the persistence of mutualism, trade-off, other evolutionary and functional processes ?
• In mycorhizal symbiosis -> ANR funded project 'Evolution of Cooperation behaviour of plant-Symbionts' (link)
• In microbial synthrophic interactions -> CNRS funded Project
• Interactions and positive selection for gene losses in free living microorganisms, a way to escape competition and to establish a stable interaction -> CNRS funded project
• Evolutionary trajectories of plant symbionts and agroecology -> new project

2-plant microbiota : diversity, evolution :
What is the composition of the endospheric plant microbiota ? What rules the microbiota community assembly ? To what extend the plant microbiota is heritable ? Should we have to consider a plant as an holobionte ?
• Community structure and diversity of the plant microbiota (i.e. fungi, bacteria and archaea) -> Total Foundation funded project; CNRS funded project; ANR funded project
• Environmental constraints and evolutionary trajectories of plant symbionts ? -> ANR funded project & new project
• Landscape ecology at microscale to address the plant microbiota rules of community assembly ? -> CNRS funded project
• Positive microbial traits evolution and genomic consequences in connexion to environmental pressures : does a generalist could become specialist ? -> CNRS funded project & new project

3-Ecosystems :
What Determines Species Diversity ? What is the link in between diversity and functions ?
• Rules of species assemblage and evolutionary theories -> ANR funded project 'Evolution of Cooperation behaviour of plant-Symbionts' (link)
• Impact of mutualim: Driver of species assemblage? -> ANR funded project 'Evolution of Cooperation behaviour of plant-Symbionts' (link)
• Agroecology and the plant holobiont : toward the next green revolution -> new project

Technical aspects chosen to address these questions :

Enviromental genomics has allow a renew of concepts and ideas in ecology (Vandenkoornhuyse et al., Ecology Letters 2010). My current questions of research are using environmental genomics approaches as -Mass sequencing of amplicons -Experimental metagenomics & metatranscriptomics -in vitro evolution experiments -Development of new analytic strategies Head of the Human and Environmental Genomics platform at University of Rennes 1 (link) and coordinator of genomic facilities in western France (Biogenouest genomics) (link)