Nathalie Le Bris AI CNRS
Bio-geo-chemical ECOBIO Laboratory technical manager

Nathalie Le Bris-Josselin
Universit Rennes 1
Campus Beaulieu - Bt 14B
35042 Rennes cedex
Tl: 33.(0)


Principal assignments:
  • Association to research programme (SOERE-Pro, EC2CO MICROCOV, dfi Enviromics)
  • Project management : purchase and installation of new equipment (UPLC Q-Tof in progress, continuous flow, total element analyzer etc.) / laboratory design
  • Training of new users
  • Technical monitoring
  • Management of the lab (Analysis planning, budget)
Analysis and method used:
  • Air gas analysis (VOCs, CO2, CH4, N2O, H2S etc.)
    • TD-GC-MS SRA instrument
    • -GC SRA instrument double voie

  • Total and major components (C, N et P) from water, soil and vegetation:
    • Continuous flow Bran&Luebb AA III (NO3, NH4, PO4)
    • Dissoled organic carbon (chemical oxidation) OI-Analytical 1010
    • Total element analyser Perkin Elmer (Ctot, Ntot) and LECO (Ctot, Stot)
    • Mineralization (Ptot) and Buchi distillation (NKjeldhal or NO3, NH4 Devarda)
Other activities:
  • Member of the supervisory committee of RECAE (national environmental chemical analyst network)

  • Staff representative on the advisory council of ECOBIO

Publications :

Francez A.J., Pinay G., Josselin N., Williams B.L. - 2011 - Denitrification triggered by nitrogen addition in Sphagnum magellanicum peat - Biogeochemistry , 106, 3, 435-441

Alekseeva T., Besse P., Binet F., Delort A.M., Forano C., Josselin N., Sancelme M., Tixier C. - 2006 - Effect of earthworm activity (Apporrectodea giardi) on atrazine adsorption and biodegradation. - European Journal of Soil Science, 57, 295-307

Francez A.J., Gogo S., Josselin N. - 2000 - Distribution of potential CO2 and CH4 productions, denitrification and microbial biomass C and N in the profile of a restored peatland in Brittany (France) - European Journal of Soil Biology, 36, 3-4, 161-168