Pr. Yvan Lagadeuc

Professor, University of Rennes 1

French, Age: 52

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Research Topics

Functional ecology, plankton ecology, physical-biological processes coupling, freshwater and marine ecosystems.

I’m doing my research in the field of functional ecology. More specifically I’m focusing on the effect of interactions between physical (hydrodynamic) and biological processes on ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.

In this context, the work I have developed was to focus on individual level in the understanding of ecosystem functioning. So I looked at the role of variability / heterogeneity at different scales of time and space, induced by physical processes, on ecosystem. Investigations have been conducted within a theoretical approach, and focused on matter fluxes and population dynamics at first, and competition between species / community structure and biodiversity recently. The biological model was always the plankton, animal or not, and the variability / heterogeneity was induced by hydrodynamical processes: tidal currents, turbulence induced by tide or wind. The approaches have combined field measurements, experiments, numerical analysis and modeling in collaboration with physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists. The researches were undertaken in freshwater and marine systems.

About me

Education and Academic Achievement

Habilitation à diriger les recherches, Université de Lille 1
Ph. D. Thesis, Marine Ecology, University of Lille 1, Earned with honours, Pr S. Frontier supervisor
Master in Applied Biology, University of Lille1, earned with honours, 1/23


- Present
Professor, University of Rennes1, Exceptional class (Highest position for the French university) in 2011, first Class in 2005
Professor, University of Caen
Assistant professor, University of Lille 1
Research Fellow, Laval University, GIROQ center (Pr. J. DODSON and L. LEGENDRE teams), Canada

Teaching and teaching responsibilities

Main topics of teaching

functional ecology, aquatic ecology
statistics for environmental sciences and ecology, and data analysis (multivariate analysis)
physical and ecological processes

Teaching responsibilities

Head of Master in Oceanography, University of Lille 1
Head of master in Ecology, University of Rennes 1
Head of courses in ecology, statistics, oceanography, physical processes in environment

Supervision experience

Ph. D. Supervisions

- présent
Alix Mas, co-supervisor with P. Vandenkoornhuyse
S. Fraisse, co-supervisor with M. Bormans, Research Engineer, INRA
A. Pannard, (co-supervisor with M. Bormans) Assistant professor, University of Rennes 1
F. Jouenne, (co-supervisor with B. Veron and S. Lefebvre) Research Engineer, University of Caen
T. Ruellet, (co-supervisor with J. Kopp and JC Dauvin) Research Engineer, IFREMER (French Institute for Marine Research)
L. Seuront (co-supervisor with D. Schertzer), Professor, Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia) and CNRS research scientist (France)
F. Lizon, Assistant professor, University of Lille 1
Since 1992
Supervision or co-supervision of 17 Masters

Research Management and Collective responsibilities

Vice president for Research, European University of Brittany
Director of Doctoral School “Health, Agronomy and Life”, University of Rennes 1 and 2, Agrocampus Ouest (650 researchers, and 350 PhD students)
Deputy scientific director, CNRS, Institute Ecology and Environment, in charge of research infrastructures
Chair of the French LTER Network “Zone Atelier” (11 sites, 600 collaborators)
Head of Armorican Center for environmental research (500 collaborators) and leader of the OSU (Observatoire des Sciences de l’Univers) project

Ph. D. Supervisions

Elected member at the Administrative council of University of Rennes1
Nominated member in the Scientific council of Doctoral School VAS (Rennes)
Nominated member in the Scientific council of Doctoral School “Sciences de la Mer” (University of Brest)
Nominated member in the Regional Scientific council of Environment, Britany
Member of the PNEC Scientific council (CNRS Scientific Program)
Member of the EC2CO Scientific council (CNRS Scientific Program)
Member and President (-) of the selection committee at the university of Rennes 1 for Population Biology and ecology positions (between 5 and 12 positions per year)
Nominated Member, collège A (Professor), in the National University committee (CNU). This committee validates all the candidates who want to apply in a French University.
, and
President of the steering committee: Laboratoire océnologique de Villefranche (Dir L. Legendre) and CEFREM at Perpignan (Dir. S. Heussner), and doctoral schools in ecology of Paris Saclay University
Member of Alter Net administrative council, elected Vice Chair in December 2011
- present
Member of the scientific council of the "Espace des Sciences"
Member of the Continental surface and interface council, INSU- CNRS
- present
Member and President of the scientific OPE (Observatoire Pérenne de l’Environnement) advisory committee, ANDRA
- present
Coordinator for the ANR (National Research Agency) of the "Make our Planet Great Again" call for projects
- present
Member of the Scientific Steering Committee and the Infrastructure Working Group of the ALLENVI Alliance, representing ANDRA
HCERES Project Manager
- present
Appointed member of the Scientific Council, ANDRA
- present
Coordinator eLTER France, CNRS and French representative within the IR ESFRI eLTER



Frontier S., Davoult D., Gentilhomme V. & Lagadeuc Y., 2001. Statistiques pour les sciences de la vie et de l’environnement. Dunod éditeur, 377 pages.

Articles in a revue

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35 talks in international Conferences and 11 invited talks.