Adaptation, plasticity and the evolutionary ecology of reproduction

 Olivier Troccaz    21/09/2020 : 14:50


07/10/20 - Séminaire (en ligne) de Steve RAMM (Bielefeld University)

Le mercredi 7 octobre 2020 à 13h00, séminaire en ligne

Adaptation, plasticity and the evolutionary ecology of reproduction

"I will present an overview of my research programme, the overarching aim of which is to integrate organismal and molecular perspectives on adaptive evolution and plasticity, with a particular focus on male fertility traits such as spermatogenesis and seminal fluid. I employ as my main model system a genus of simultaneously hermaphroditic marine flatworms, enabling me to also study the impact of simultaneous hermaphroditism on the evolutionary dynamics of sexual selection and sexual conflict, as well as the causes and consequences of mating system transitions between outcrossing and selfing. I am particularly interested in how all of these traits are impacted by variation in environmental conditions, testing for adaptive plasticity in response to social environmental factors such as sexual competition and mate availability, and, increasingly, abiotic factors such as temperature and salinity under predicted climate change."

Contact : Steve RAMM