An overview of trait-dependent diversification models


29/11/19 - Séminaire de Sylvain GLEMIN

Le vendredi 29 novembre 2019 à 13h00, salle UFR SVE, bâtiment 13, Campus de Beaulieu, UR1

An overview of trait-dependent diversification models

The balance between speciation and extinction determines species diversity. Mathematically, this is typically modeled by stochastic birth-death processes. Importantly, both speciation and extinction can be affected by many life-history or ecological traits. Hence, the evolution of a trait can affect the diversification process, which connects micro-evolutionary (within species trait evolution) and macro-evolutionary processes (speciation and extinction). This has lead to the so-called SSE models (for State-dependent Speciation Extinction) that includes transitions among traits (or states) and trait-specific rates of speciation and extinction. These models have been implemented in a statistical framework and extensively used to test for the effects of various kinds of traits on diversification. The mathematical analysis of the model can also give insights on some evolutionary patterns. First, I will present the general model and some biological applications. Then I will present some extensions, especially including diversity-dependence, and the formal connection that can be made with population genetics models, such as the Moran or the Wright-Fisher model.

Contact : Sylvain GLEMIN