Ecology of sandy beaches: where we are, where do we want to go

 Olivier Troccaz    05/06/2019 : 09:07


07/06/19 - Séminaire de Lucia FANINI (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research)

Le vendredi 7 juin 2019 à 13h00, salle de conférences de l'OSUR, bâtiment 14b, Campus de Beaulieu, UR1

Ecology of sandy beaches: where we are, where do we want to go

Abstract: Sandy beaches are ecotonal systems connecting land and sea, and subjected to a continuous flow of energy and material, shaping them into morphotypes. Resident beach macrofauna share basic adaptations to cope such environment, but also, macrofauna communities are shaped by the physical constraints related to morphotypes. Current ecological paradigms explain such basic patterns. However, increasing human impacts -including coastal squeeze- urgently call for a change in approach, putting forward sandy beaches as a representative case of social-ecological systems and proposing integrated knowledge to achieve sustainability. The seminar will mention case-studies and possible further research directions as presented in the last International Sandy Beach Symposium (2018)

Contact: Lucia FANINI

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