Séminaire d'Henning NOTTEBROCK (South Dakota State University)

 Olivier Troccaz    15/12/2018 : 18:25


Le vendredi 21 décembre 2018 à 13h00, salle B.

Le vendredi 21 décembre 2018 à 13h00, salle B. AUVRAY, bâtiment 15, Campus de Beaulieu, UR1

The evolution of spatiotemporal interactions revealing community dynamics

Abstract: Incorporating evolutionary aspects with ecosystem functioning is fundamental for a comprehensive understanding of plant community dynamics and coexistence. In particular, there is a need to link evolutionary genetics with community ecology to understand the origins of community features. Intraspecific genetic variation in plants can affect community composition and coexistence when evolutionary mechanisms, such as mutation, changes their competition ability. However, it is poorly known how intraspecific genotypic variation plays a role in coexistence and community dynamics. Using trait-based neighborhood models, we quantify the evolution of plant species interactions by linking spatial interactions with spontaneous mutations as a key evolutionary mechanism. We show that spontaneous mutations provide a mechanism for plants to quickly evolve niches and may drive competition, facilitation and selection with profound consequences for future population and community dynamics.

Contact: Henning NOTTEBROCK