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Claudia Wiegand
Equipe Réseaux d’Interactions et Transferts de Matières dans les Ecosystèmes

Campus Beaulieu, bât 14a, p.204
CS 74205
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Mots-clés : stress physiology, aquatic and terrestric ecotoxicology: toxico-kinetics, biotransformation, physiological costs, molecular mechanisms (-omics), cyanobacterial toxins, pesticides
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My research focuses on physiological reactions in invertebrates and vertebrates enabling them to detoxify and discharge harmful substances, prevent or repair damages. That includes uptake and toxico-kinetics of the substance, its detoxification or biotransformation, oxidative stress response and other more general stress reactions, furthermore elucidating of additional modes of actions in the organism (with the help of -omics) and the consequences for the organism (energy allocation and life traits). I have a strong interest on effects of cyanobacterial toxins and anthropogenic environmental pollutants on aquatic and terrestric organisms.
Aim of my research is to better understand and connect mechanisms at the sub-cellular level to consequences for the individual and the population
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