Séminaire Ecobio - Guillaume PERON (LBBE, CNRS/Univ. Lyon1)

"Estimating the home range of animals and its borders: a subject not so mastered! Perspectives on the study of the socio-spatial structure of populations"

Vendredi 18 mars, 13h00
Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers de Rennes (OSUR) - Campus de Beaulieu, Bâtiment 14B, Salle de conférence

Séminaire donné par M. Guillaume PERON (LBBE - CNRS/Univ. Lyon 1).

I will present a typology of home range estimators and address lingering issues in home range research, from estimating how much space each individual needs to delineating functional elements such as borders. I’ll open on recent syntheses working towards an improved integration of the social lives of animals into home range and spatial demography studies.

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